Wednesday, May 30, 2007

CBS buys

Big news for the UK tech scene as CBS today bought London-based Lastfm for £140m ($280m). The Guardian describes this as 'the largest UK web2.0 acquisition to date'.

With 15 million current users in 200 countries, the founders Martin Stiksel, Richard Jones and Felix Miller write on their blog about what a good match working with CBS will be.

And how they understood "putting the listener in charge, the vibrant and vocal community, the obsession with music stats, and our determination to offer every song ever recorded."

Martin Stiksel said "We have a lot more ideas in the pipeline that we can now put into effect and also we have a strong partner on our side."

Sunday, May 13, 2007

'The day the web changed' :: Scoble on Silverlight

Robert Scoble talks with Scott Guthrie, who runs several teams at Microsoft who develop developer tools and platforms. He gave a keynote at Mix where he got a lot of attention with Silverlight and other developer initiatives.

Guthrie recommened seeing the Top Banana video which is a new starter kit that lets developers add sophisticated and streamlined video editing to their content sites. It lets their users easily upload and edit video snippets into movies in a fun and free-form manner.