Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Paul Graham of Y Combinator on Future Trends

Paul Graham of Y Combinator spoke at the Business of Software conference and answered the question that reporters had repeatedly been asking him for many years: What future trends does he see, based on his experience of funding 144 start ups?

1) Innovation
2) Software
3) Efficient Markets
4) Measurement
5) United States
6) Silicon Valley
7) Small companies
8) Economic inequality
9) Moore's Law
10) Things on screens
11) Server based apps
12) Super good customer service
13) Apparently frivolous stuff
14) Programming languages
15) Open Source
16) Linux
17) iPhone
18) Design
19) Real time
20) Venture funding
21) Founders

Five trends not to bet on
1) Don't bet on credentials granted by institutions
2) Don't bet on Business School
3) Don't bet on the government changing
4) Don't bet on copyright
5) Don't bet on anything that has a restricted flow of information

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