Monday, November 05, 2007

Tumblelog evolvement

On April 12th 2005 the tumblelog came into existence. Jason Kottke described tumblelogs as:
"A tumblelog is a quick and dirty stream of consciousness, a bit like a remaindered links style linklog but with more than just links. They remind me of an older style of blogging, back when people did sites by hand, before Movable Type made post titles all but mandatory, blog entries turned into short magazine articles, and posts belonged to a conversation distributed throughout the entire blogosphere. Robot Wisdom and Bifurcated Rivets are two older style weblogs that feel very much like these tumblelogs with minimal commentary, little cross-blog chatter, the barest whiff of a finished published work, almost pure editing...really just a way to quickly publish the "stuff" that you run across every day on the web"

Thanks to the maestros of usability: 37signals for featuring a post on the latest version of Tumblr, one of the most effective tumblelogs.

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